Thursday, March 26, 2015

sustainable city

Proposal: City in a Garden, Sustainable Chicago Poster, 2014
Designer: David Versluis
City of Chicago Poster Competition

The main visual elements of this poster are created with waste paper, which creates a variety of shapes, colors, and textures. The use of waste paper in the design suggests that a sustainable city is also a vibrant city, one where the disposable elements of a wasteful culture are re-purposed to create communities where all are empowered to thrive. The different colors may suggest a patchwork of races and cultures, while the shapes and textures call to mind the outlines of buildings, or the grid of the Chicago streets. The overall effect of the design and copy is a call to action to join together to create a sustainable, diverse city where all humans flourish and no one is treated as “disposable.”

Poster design was inspired by Hans Hofmann’s “The Gate” from 1959.

Hans Hofmann
The Gate, 1959-60
Oil on canvas
Image taken from Wikipedia

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