Monday, October 19, 2009

Dordt competes against Iowa State University

Graphic design class takes on ISU in logo competition. Ed. note: this article was originally published 15 October 2009 by the Dordt College Student Newspaper, the Diamond. This piece was written by Sarah Groneck/Diamond Staff Writer.

Dordt’s Graphic Design III class and AIGA [student] members have a chance to gain statewide notoriety through a recent advertising initiative sponsored by the state government.

In search of fresh ideas for promoting its Iowa e-Health Project, the Iowa Department of Public Health contacted state colleges to participate in a name and logo design contest.

The project requires that students market their name and logo to their peers as well by creating a survey, presenting the name to a focus group, or through some other means.

Dordt College and Iowa State University are the only schools that are currently in the running. That means that Dordt has a 50 percent chance of winning $500 and gaining statewide recognition for a chosen logo and name.

“I would not have applied for the project if I didn’t think we weren’t capable of this,” said art professor David Versluis. “We have a good group of writers and designers in the class so that will help.”

Versluis assigned his Graphic Design III class to groups to work on the project. AIGA students are also taking part.

Some students are feeling pressure from the project. Only one logo and name may be submitted from each college, and the deadline is at the end of October.

“My first thought was that this is going to be a very involved and challenging project,” said Andrew Hornor.  “Half of it is figuring out exactly what it is we’re trying to represent, then coming up with a name for it, researching and focus-grouping it, and lots of detail work.”

However, others are excited by the project’s possibilities.

“I think that working as a team is a great thing for this project,” said Ryan Van Surksum. “We all have great ideas, but working in a group allows us to share our ideas with one another and build off each other’s ideas.”

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