Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dordt Alumni in Design: Matt Van Rys

Matt Van Rys is our featured alumni this month. We put this piece together with elements from his portfolio website that he did especially for us to use. We’ve selected just a few examples and so for a greater effect, you may, visit the site itself. —editor

Matt writes the following:
I graduated from Dordt in 2004 with a degree in art, emphasizing Graphic Design. Two months later, I started work as a graphic designer at Creative Resource Inc. (a division of Diamond Vogel Paints) in Orange City, Iowa. I have worked at Creative Resource for nearly six years and I am a part of a three designer team managed by our Creative Director, Dordt Alumnus, Jamey Schiebout. My primary function is as a print designer, working on projects such as packaging labels, brochures, forms, point-of-purchase signage, advertising and posters.

In addition to print design, I have also done some web design projects. Some examples include the Diamond Vogel website, the Peridium Powder website, the Old Masters website and the Axis website. I have also more recently worked on other digital delivery graphics such as email marketing; web advertising and video designing and animation.

This is a screen shot of the Diamond Vogel website.

Other components of my work include some commercial photography, shooting video and also occasionally writing. Collaborating with fellow designers or suppliers is an important part of some larger projects. The most challenging component of being a graphic designer in my experience is tactfully steering a client or customer to an effective form of visual communication that also looks appealing. I feel that my liberal arts education at Dordt has given me the tools to examine a project from various perspectives, not just that of the artist, and more effectively execute a solution.

This is the cover to an Old Masters presentation folder we’re currently producing.

GIDI CLOTHING CONNEXION: Nigerian Independence Day 2010 Shirt Design Pitch 2.

In addition to my work at Creative Resource, I also do some freelance work, which has helped me develop a better understanding of the business side of graphic design.

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