Saturday, August 21, 2010

Quotations on creativity—Stanley Wiersma

Photograph credit: Calvin College

“Creativity is fruitful freedom, and freedom is the opportunity of choice…. The romantic theory of the creative process, by failing to recognize that creativity is choice, either absolves a student from ever trying to be creative, or makes him mistake the first idea that comes into his head as Inspiration.
Dr. Stanley Wiersma was a former Calvin College English professor, poet, and author who often wrote under the pseudonym Sietze Buning. Perhaps his best writings are Purpaleanie and Style and Class, which are based on auto-biographical experiences growing up in Northwest Iowa.

Stan was a Fine Arts Guild faculty mentor when, as a student, I served as chair for the Visual Arts Guild at Calvin College. Professor Wiersma, was also known for his encouragement of young Christian authors, he died suddenly in 1986 while on leave in the Netherlands.

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