Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Quotations on creativity—Victor D’Amico

Victor D’Amico. Photograph by David E. Scherman. From Mining Modern Museum Education: Briley Rasmussen on Victor D’Amico.

“The art work of children is important to the teacher insofar as it tells him about the child and helps him to keep alive the child’s imagination and also the will to express it. Experience, and not the product, is the precious aim of art education.” —Victor D’Amico.

D’Amico, Victor. Creative Teaching in Art, Scranton, PA: Revised edition, International Textbook Co.. 1953, p3.
In addition, the following quote also sounds like D’Amico, however, I can’t find the source:
“Unfortunately, in education, imagination is equated with ‘art’; art is equated with professional practice; those children who show some degree of achievement in one or other of the arts are labeled imaginative, and the closer their work is to the accepted criteria of good professional art then the more imaginative they are.”

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  1. "experience, and not the product, is the precious aim of art education." -- So true and very interesting, often I look back on what I've done and think "what was I doing?? How could I have used a novelty font??"


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