Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Simplicity and Boldness: Paul Rand

A Look at Architecture Columbus Indiana
Columbus Indiana Visitors Center
Identity Program, 1973
Cover, layout design, and logo by Paul Rand (1914–1996)

Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce, Inc., copyright 1991.
Published by Visitors Center, Columbus, Indiana
Sixth edition Softcover. From the collection of David Versluis.

Book description:
Black-and-white photos throughout with text that explores the architecture of the town. Graphic designer Paul Rand strongly influenced contemporary twentieth century graphic design with clever forms that were deceptively simple and perceptively bold. Also, Columbus, Indiana is a very fine destination trip.

From the Introduction of A Look at Architecture Columbus Indiana:
Columbus architecture has been the subject of feature articles in national and international publications, and each year thousands of people visit the city to view the buildings. In 1970 Columbus received the “Total Design” award from the national society of interior design for exemplifying “environmental rebirth.” Many individual buildings have been recognized by national organizations.

This guidebook is produced by the Visitors Center, a division of the Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce Foundation, to enable visitors to learn more about Columbus architecture.… p. 9

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