Wednesday, December 22, 2010

AIGA, The Federal Design Response Show, 1977

The American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) Federal Design Response design competition, traveling show and exhibition catalog. This project was supported by the NEA, in conjunction with the Federal Design Council. 1977.
Cover design (7 inches x 10 inches)
Graphic Designer: Bob Salpeter, Lopez Salpeter, Inc.
(From the collection of David Versluis)

Pages 11 and 12
Agency: National Zoological Park
Art Director: Robert E. Mulcahy
Graphic Designers: Bill Cannon, Robert E. Mulcahy, Lance Wyman

A Statement from the Judges:

In judging the second Federal Design Response show, we were impressed and encouraged by the noticeable improvement in the quality of the material. We found not only a higher level of excellence in 64 pieces included in this year's show, but also fewer marginal items overall.

We regret the decision not to include architecture, films and slides but the number of entries in these area was not sufficient, relative to the amount of work we know was commissioned, as to allow for a valid judging.

In addition, we feel that certain areas of work done for the Federal government need to be examined under a somewhat different viewpoint. The vast majority of the printed output is straight typographical reports, speeches and legislation and has the most room for improvement. While a giant step forward in this area may still not bring the result up to par with other material, we welcome the successes seen to date and have chosen to honor them as a significant move in the right direction.

Saul Bass
Bill Lacy
Paul Rand

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