Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Jean Miotte: painting the spirit of Liberté

Jean Miotte, (b.1926)
(title is not known)
Wall mural in Paris
© Copyright Jean Miotte. All rights reserved
photographs by versluis, 2010

While in Paris we came upon this mural by the French / New York artist artist Jean Miotte. This large piece offers an element of surprise—the joy of encountering the unexpected in the urban environment.

Miotte mentions this about his work: “My painting is a projection, a succession of acute moments where creation occurs in the midst of spiritual tension as the result of inner conflicts. Painting is not a speculation of the mind or spirit, it’s a gesture from within.” (1)

In addition, a website dedicated to the work of Miotte states:

Coming from traditional painting Jean Miotte’s work is characterized by a constant and important development leading to very individual and personal forms. The works display a strong tension in their aim to discern human existence with its anguish but also with its happy moments, in his quotidian acts, in all its complexity. (2)
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A view of the mural.

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