Monday, May 11, 2015

“Material Steps” — a hand cut and paste photographic collage

Material Steps
David M. Versluis © 2015
16" w x 20" h
Mixed media

Material Steps comprises hand-cut and paste collage techniques made from various RC paper photographs taken earlier this year by Versluis. The collage combines gray and hot pink spray paint with other markings using lithographic crayon. All the elements are mounted to illustration board.

This piece reconsiders the metaphor of the ladder not as steps to heaven, but as doorsteps signifying the material and substance of our place on earth. Through the playful act the conventional photographic film images have been sliced into segments that are carefully reorganized to imply an informal structuring. The composition seems to imply a kind of evocative ambiguity.  In other words, does the repositioned hand railing symbolize a broken ladder or molecular model?

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