Friday, January 15, 2016

Drury Brennan, “Die Welt” — Chicago Cultural Center, 2014

Drury Brennan, Die Welt
Untitled, (legal tender) — partial image:
Monumental site-specific hand-lettered calligraphy installation
Gouache and acrylic
Chicago Cultural Center, 2014

Untitled (legal tender) partial image:
Black Friday. Best Interests. Special Treatment. Privileges. The Awful Truth. Domestic Terrorism. To Serve And Protect. Black on Black on black-on-black on Black on black on Black. Private. Violations. Inside Job. Self-Defense. Health care. Axis of Evil. Stay ignorant, keep silent. Fit the profile. Vigilance. Hopeless situation Undesirables. Colored Silence. Hand Over Fist. A’merican Dreams built on new, quick schemes. Sleight of hand Out of hand. Merciless. 011 & Gas + Oil + Gas n’ Urri n Gash n + Carry. Homeland Security. Overnight Celebrity. Fly like an eagle. Eco-Friendly Packaging. Convenience charges. Bless your little heart. Uppity. At-Risk Youth. Wrong Place at the Wrong Time.Testy. No objection. White devils. Victim of circumstance. It’s just so unfortunate. Homicide. Accident. A right to life. Debt. Aging. Debt. Again. Debt. Aging. Debt. Again. Bet. Against. House. Bet. Vet. Debt. Aging. Debt. What have we learned? Who has learned? Have you learned? Who teaches? Who speaks for you? Silence.

Forgiveness Takes Everything And Nothing partial image:
War is not healthy for children and other living things.©
The war inside ourselves remains the critical conflict of our times, over and over again.
Can you truly accept that other beings are the same as you? Stop the wars.

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