Thursday, September 7, 2017

33 Contemporary Gallery, Chicago: SKETCHBOOK show

33 Contemporary Gallery, Chicago: 
The show will open on September 15 and run to October 14, 2017.
These are the artists who are participating in the SKETCHBOOK show:

Juarez Hawkins, 
Cesar Conde, 
Charlene Moy, 
Leisa Shannon Corbett, 
InJung Oh
, Sarvin Haghighi, 
Victoria Szilagyi
, Janet Glazar, 
Joanna Partyka, 
Sally Ko, 
Laleh Motlagh, 
Carrie Baxter,
Bojana Ilic-Bojitt, 
Amy Hassan, 
Gillian Kennedy Wright, 
Marilyn Walter, 
Victoria Fuller, 
Yvonne Beckway,
Sergio Gomez, 
Romana Brunnauer, 
Elisa Boughner, 
Michael Coakes, 
Anke Korioth
, Beth Lowell,
Victoria Clarke, 
Peggy Shearn, 
David Versluis, 
Lynn Garwood
, Melynda Van Zee, 
N Masani Landfair, 
Kelly Mathews.

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