Wednesday, April 22, 2009

In my younger and more vulnerable years...

A really great discussion on the life and use of Comic Sans. Not the comments, I mean the video. I feel this conversation is interesting to note, alongside Professor Versluis' earlier post on designers NOT aiming to "educate" their clients. What to do, then, if the client asks for Comic Sans or Papyrus? And, really, how does one keep from scoffing?

I first became aware Comic Sans when I was eleven. I think. I selected it in bright blue and used it when chatting with my friends. That was almost ten years ago. Is it (just) a cute, whimsical, easy-going font and can it be used on the occasional sign, if the sign is for a WACKY EXTRAVAGANZA... for kids? I keep staring at the lettering, really noticing the inconsistent kerning, and it seems like a very toned-down Marker Felt situation... oh no. Is that bad? Is that bad? Should this be banned from Dordt's campus? Should elementary ed. majors still be allowed to use it?

"It makes it look silly."


  1. I happen to love comic sans.


    But, it takes all kinds.

  2. thanks for posting the video.

    on a day to day, informal basis i don't mind seeing comic sans around--like for instance, at a restaurant or a store on a quickly printed sign telling me that the bathroom is out of order. that, i believe is a perfectly legitimate use for comic sans: it's not formal, it's very legible in short bursts, and it pops out.
    comic sans: fine for day-to-day pragmatic solutions--but little else.

  3. Thanks for the post ... the font doesn't generate that strong of a reaction from me, but, I know what you're saying. I think I've actually used Comic sans once or twice when I did a humorous ad for a client announcing a crayfish boil in Louisiana. I'm not trying to be irreverent but when I saw the video clip it made me think of a possible Christopher Guest mockumentary. Did anybody feel that way too?

  4. what about Jokerman..that's also used a lot on advertising...i started not liking it after seeing it so much...

  5. Interesting comment. I admit that the Jokerman style has a fun quality, but it's specifically a speciality display type. My issue with it is that it smacks of pseudo Hispanic/Latino/Mejicano/Chicano. In this context, I don't care for the name either.


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