Friday, May 22, 2009

Adobe Product Poll Results

This week we saw a 184.6% increase in voter turnout, if only the recent California state election saw a voter turnout increase even close to that...

Anyways, 11 new people voted (or 11 of you voted twice...), the results are as follows:

Acrobat: 0 votes, 0% of the vote - no big surprise there, I guess all of you hate how Acrobat always seems to open up your pdfs when you would much rather have preview open them!

Bridge: 1 vote, 4% of the vote - I don't know too many people who use this program so...

Dreamweaver: 3 votes, 12% of the vote - I guess...?

Flash: 0 votes, 0% of the vote - big surprise here, this program just sounds like a hassle

Illustrator: 7 votes, 29% of the vote (third place!) - A bit surprised this didn't garner more votes, personally this is my favorite Adobe program, I'm trying not to take this loss personally.

InDesign: 14 votes, 58% of the vote (the majority) - Okay, if I would've known that this program was going to get so many votes I wouldn't have given it one of mine...this is probably my 3rd favorite program, so it was my third choice...too bad the rankings can't reflect that!

Lightroom: 5 votes, 20% of the vote - I'm gutted, my second favorite Adobe program scorned and thrown aside like some cheap specialty font! Come on people! How can you not love the versatility and ease of use that Lightroom offers?

Photoshop: 8 votes, 33% of the vote - Okay Photoshop is one of my least favorite programs of all time, yet it was runner up! How? This might be one of the hardest of the Adobe programs to even be decent with, there is no way that 8 of you consider this your "favorite Adobe product"!

Other: 1 vote - Professor Versluis? Is there an Adobe product I missed?

Thank you all for voting, don't forget to vote on the new poll: What is your favorite Art Movement? I do realize that the list of Art movements is by no means all-inclusive, I did leave out Post- and Neo-Impressionism, but...that's why I put (etc) after Impressionism. I know they are all unique etc, but for the sake of having a short list...bear with me. If you really feel I left something major out, just let me know.


  1. thank you Paul. just so you all know, I didn't vote 'other.'

  2. That was me. After Effects. Not easy to work with, but it's so powerful!


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