Wednesday, May 13, 2009

the results are in!

This weeks poll "What is your favorite font?" only had 13 votes, which was 2 more votes than the previous poll, but it is by no means a very comprehensive survey of any sort of demographic.

The results:

Arial: 0 votes - no surprise there, that's like saying you prefer 'Marshmallow Matey's' to 'Lucky Charms'

Goudy: 0 votes (Do you guys even know what font this is?) I guess I should have put "Goudy Old Style" but that took up too much is probably my 3rd favorite font.

: 3 votes which was 23% of the vote - a decent showing, one of those votes was mine, I'm not afraid to say it.

Helvetica: 5 votes which was 38% of the vote - enough for a win! All you brown-nosers hoping for brownie points in Graphics 3 next semester! And professor Verlsuis I assume...

Tahoma: 0 votes

Verdana: 1 vote which was 7% of the vote - probably stole Tahoma's vote.

Papyrus: 1 vote - Scott! This was not a funny joke. I put it in the poll as a joke...and you voted for it as a joke. Brilliant! Unless it was one of you Graphics 2 people...shame on your family!

Other: 3 votes - If you voted for other, then please enlighten us as to where your vote would have gone, had more fonts been up. Unless that font was "Bleeding Cowboy" then you should tell me who you are so that I can block you from this blog.

A new poll will be up later today, be sure to cast your vote!

Edit: Please vote for your top 3 products, unless you only want to vote for one, which is perfectly fine! But just let's not get out of hand and vote for every single one. Because we all know that 99% of you have never used 'Flash' or 'Bridge.'

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  1. Thank you Paul, for the post.
    I voted 'other' … I'm conflicted. My choice would have been Avenir designed by Adrian Frutiger. It may just be the perfect sans serif.

    But then, Helvetica 65 designed by Max Miedinger, is hard to resist. Also, Interstate is good too.


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