Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Milestone

The dc aiga blog is officially a year old. Since our launch on 18 April 2009 we have posted 102 miscellaneous pieces. Thanks to all who contribute to this site and to those who follow us. We’re especially appreciative for all the Dordt College alumni in design who so graciously agreed to be featured. We hope to continue this important aspect. These regular pieces about alumni are a great way for current students to see what our graduates are doing in the field and we hope that all those acknowledged were honored in the process.

Among the many highlights have been a couple of posts, namely “Eugene Masselink” and “Art Deco in Windom, Minnesota” that were “Observed” by Design Observer’s, Michael Bierut. Also interesting, was Change Observer editor, Julie Lasky’s essay titled “Superbeauty” that contained a link to our piece about Tord Boontje. In addition, the response to our posts about Carl Regehr and Robert Estienne were particularly gratifying.

We were pleased to give a shout-out about Giles Timms’ animation, Manifestations” and Roy Behrens’ new book, Camoupedia”, which is out on interlibrary loan again… it seems every time I need the compendium it’s not in our library, which means I may need to purchase the book for myself.

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