Wednesday, April 28, 2010

“Persuader” Images on the Champs-Élysés in Paris

“What makes some brands inspirational while others struggle?” This is the question posed by ad executive Kevin Roberts in the website Lovemarks. Mr. Roberts is Chief Executive Officer Worldwide of Saatchi & Saatchi.

Awhile back, Roberts was featured in FRONTLINE’s report, The Persuaders. During the interview he responded to the question, “What is a Lovemark?” Although his response mentions Adidas, the same perhaps could be said about Nike or some other compelling brand. Roberts answers this way:
A Lovemark is a brand that has created loyalty beyond reason; it’s infused with mystery, sensuality and intimacy, and that you recognize immediately as having some kind of iconic place in your heart. And I’ll give you two personal stories of mine. Maybe eight weeks ago now, I was in Seattle talking to 3,000 college professors — not a very stimulating kind of way to spend the day. And I went to the Adidas concept store in Seattle. I didn't need anything, nothing. $880 later and four bags later, I staggered out of the Adidas store, and I felt great, because I love Adidas and I always have. There’s no reason for it. It's beyond reason. I didn't need anything in these bags. I bought stuff for my wife, for my kids, for me. I had no guilt, and I had no sense of “You stupid whatever, you just dropped 880 bucks.” I didn’t care; I felt great. I have loyalty beyond reason to Adidas, largely because of their heritage, their authenticity. If I try to rationalize how I’ve developed this — as I was growing up playing rugby, Adidas were the best rugby boots — but there's no reason really. I don’t know why. They commune with me.

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