Monday, May 3, 2010

Work for Peace

Entering the La Cambe German Military Cemetery near Bayeux, Calvados, France, one passes through a kind of mausoleum. This photograph is of the commemorative inscription taken in the mausoleum’s chapel.

This is classic roman typography and centered layout, which is characterized by consistency. Every letter seems individually perfect, respectful, beautiful, and at the same time very poignant. Slightly gentle serif letterforms imply something personal, yet funerary, while the rounded capital “E” seems to soften the visual impact. The light, monolithic stone background functions as a positive surface to define the letters, shadows, and the space between.

Work for peace decal

The cemetery is under the auspices of The German War Graves Commission, which according to its brochure:
• Cares for the German war graves in nearly 100 countries all over the world.
• Works in the Eastern European countries since 1990 when the borders were opened.
• Leads young people to war graves in order to make them understand the terrible consequences of war such recognizing how important it is to work for peace.
• Finances its work almost exclusively with contributions of its members and donors.

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