Saturday, June 19, 2010

“in celebration of ideas” — final installment

Brochure Cover – “glass water spot” for the cocktail napkin collection.

This is a continuation of our previous posts from “the word” project. These are the last several pieces from the (ACD) American Center for Design 1993 “Napkin Collection,” which was an fund raiser for education projects.

We realize that for some of you the last two pieces in this sequence by Scott Burns and Joe Duffy could be controversial. However, through much internal discussion, we have included them because they are in the “Collection” and represent the perspective of the designers.

Michael Manwaring NEXT

Nancy Skolos SELF

Michael Patrick Cronan JOY

Aubrey Balkind TIME

Steve Copeland SPIRIT

Robert Sirko IT

Scott Burns GOD

Joe Duffy BEFORE

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