Sunday, June 6, 2010

The (ACD) American Center for Design Napkin Collection, 1993 — “in celebration of ideas” presents: BLAH–TEAU

(pronounced BLATTO or BLA-TOE). Package design: inside cover brochure spread. Credits: project coordination by Rob Dewey, package design by Anthony Ma, and fabrication by Fraser.

The (ACD) American Center for Design Napkin Collection, 1993.

In 1993,
in order to raise funds for ACD design education projects, Rick Valicenti of Thirst 3st, assigned the napkin project. Rick invited contributions from thirty-six internationally recognized designers, writers, thinkers, friends to interpret “the word” as artwork, which would be produced on cocktail napkins and packaged as a “boxed” set. At the time, the collection was sold through ACD as well as select art museums.

We’ll show select pieces from the “Napkin Collection” over the next few weeks, please stay tuned. The collection is shown with permission from Rick Valicenti. As Rick says, “what a great roster of that time!” 

(The pieces are from Versluis’s design collection) The copyright for all artwork belongs to the designers.

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