Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fisher Studio Houses (1936), Chicago — Andrew Nicholas Rebori, Architect

Andrew Rebori’s Fisher Building was inspired by the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair Moderne style and twentieth century Moderne was influenced primarily by French Art Deco style modernism. The Fisher building has been restored to its 1936 period.

The Building has been designated as a Chicago landmark; the marker states:
This rare Art Moderne-style design is also one of the city’s best examples of pre-World War II modernism. Further distinguishing the building is its handcrafted ornamentation by prominent artist Edgar Miller. The 12 residential units front on a common courtyard, and they are laid out on an extremely narrow site that runs perpendicular to the street. The building was commissioned by Frank Fisher, Jr., an executive of Marshall Field & Co.
Pictured starting at the top is an east elevation view. Followed by the north side courtyard and next to it is The Etude Music Magazine cover design, January 1933, which is an example of graphic design influenced by the twentieth century Moderne style. The magazine cover uses rounded geometric forms as indicated in the 1933 typography and the scroll-like banner that correlates nicely with the rounded geometric forms of Rebori’s architectural design of the Fisher Building. Lastly is a photographic isometric view indicating the building and site. Here are a couple of links (here here) to current information about the building.

Above is Edgar Miller’s mythological goddess Diana which is an example of his sculptural tiles. This ornamental piece is located on the front façade near the street and courtyard entry of the Fisher Building.

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