Tuesday, April 3, 2012

fresh with energy: sabbatical status at Thirst (3st) weeks 6-9

I’m being re-energized at Thirst…. Much of my time in the last couple of weeks has been spent developing layouts for Rick Valicenti and Thirst’s 2012 fall exhibition at Bowling Green State University. Pictured above are elevation views of the proposed poster wall installation for the show. The show will represent Thirst’s work from the past as well as the most current production.

For over two decades Valicenti and Thirst (3st) have garnered the most prestigious awards that can be attained by a graphic design studio. Consequently, similar to the attitude of most student interns, I’m grateful just to be in the room at Thirst. As the adage says, “by being present you take on the honor of the individual.”

One of Thirst’s recent projects has been the redesign of Contract magazine. Accordingly, I’ve been studying the guidelines a designer will use when assembling subsequent issues of Contract magazine. The design guidelines are impressively detailed and have much pedagogical value as a case study for students. Actually, understanding the grid system and fine typography is very important at Thirst.

During the last few weeks the sabbatical work at Thirst has been steady and satisfying. I’ve helped contribute to a logo modification. I’ve also completed the design and implementation of the 24 Hale tearsheets for furniture designer Jonathan Nesci from whom I received a very nice thank you when he expressed appreciation for the work Thirst did for Hale. As Jonathan mentioned to Rick (referring in part to me), “your studio is always fresh with energy.” It was certainly nice of Jonathan to notice and mention it to Rick.

Here are some of the contacts and introductions I’ve had in the last few weeks:

Romain André, graphic designer. Rick and I reviewed some of his recent work.
Dana Arnett (VSA) who stopped by one afternoon.
Johnathon Strube, Firebelly University
Tom Vack, photographer

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