Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Respectfully (submitted)

Blur-RV – copyright © Rick Valicenti 28 June 2009

Yesterday (29th), just before lunchtime, we received an e-mail message from Rick Valicenti, Thirst 3st (click to see his BLUR viewbook) and I thought it fitting to post – thanks for Rick’s permission. Seeing Valicenti’s images made me think about the following:
  1. the shelf-life of pop-cultural paradigms.
  2. the lyrics to 'Face on the Cutting Room Floor' – a song co-written by Steve Goodman with Nitty Gritty Dirt Band members Jeff Hanna and Jimmy Ibbotson.
  3. what if David Hockney used Photoshop for his photographic collages and composite polaroids.
Ironically, the lives of Michael and Farrah seemed to be humanized through Ms. Fawcett’s battle with cancer and apparently, the fact, that Michael’s parents will raise his children.

Here’s the correspondence:
dear friend,

since friday it seems as if every pixel everywhere felt alive with the passing of farrah and michael...

after reading two personal accounts in today's New York Times, i too wanted to find a way to sit with michael and farrah, say goodbye, and pay my respects. i know it may look peculiar, but oddly enough, my attached version of cut and paste scrap booking has in many respects holds for me the BLUR surrounding their passing.

in the spirit of sharing time well spent, here's a glimpse of a couple of hours from my sunday afternoon at home in front of the monitor. yes, i too can see that the typography is a bit olde school, but it really doesn't matter in the scope of the important things in life.

ok, dinner time!


Thanks Rick.

Amalgamated imagery.
As I was looking at your book, as if in a stream-of-consciousness, I thought of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band song 'Face on The Cutting Room Floor.' However, it's also possible that I may have missed your intent.

She's history
No one would give her a star on the walk
She'd have a hundred if pillows could talk
Where have I seen her before?
She's the face on the cutting room floor

It's no mystery
Acting in school at the tenderest age
Lit up the room when she stepped on the stage
Came to la for some more
She's the face on the cutting room floor ...


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