Thursday, July 30, 2009


I think it’d be most accurate to say that the designers at Coca Cola “got it right” the first time through. Also, their team should be credited, through the years, for having made the decision to stick with the original design. It’s legible and perhaps a bit dated but (I hate to say it) unmistakably that cold, fizzy beverage for a hot summer day... we all turned 21 and drank beer instead, but that’s a different discussion. I remember the Pepsi logos from ’91 and on and feel like they’ve been getting worse with each new design. The 1905 Pepsi looks like a fun bike ride, which is great, but far more ‘old-timey’ than anything else on the chart, and they only kept it for a year before pandering to some cheap, mindless and grammatically incorrect gimmick. (“Drink Pepsi: Cola Delicious” Really?)

There aren’t many traces of when my dad was a student of graphic design — a few charcoal sketches of my oldest brother as a baby, the plans we draw out for home projects and some studies of the timeless Coca-Cola bottle (glass).


  1. Thanks for the interesting comparison…
    I didn't know your dad was a graphic design student! You mean before theology there was graphic design?

  2. In the beginning, there was graphic design and it was pretty cool. He moved to LA to pursue it, before changing his studies. Yep.

  3. About the illustrations (studies) at the end of your piece. Are they photographic? Are they painted or drawn super realistically by hand? What is the medium? Thanks.

  4. I believe they are both photographs - the second being a studio study.

  5. Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi, Revised Edition
    "In the last couple of weeks, a JPG has been making the internet rounds and, in the process, has gathered more than 6,500 Diggs (not that that is any measure of successful success, but still…) and has been mentioned in dozens of design and culture blogs, including many which I frequent and respect. The problem is that the JPG is wrong and disingenuous..."


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