Saturday, January 15, 2011

“Bulles de Paris Tout P’tits” public awareness poster

This street poster, from March 2010, was located in Paris on the “Champs Elysées” and was a public awareness promotional piece for an association called Paris Tout P’tits. The poster appropriately and effectively uses the “Teddy Bear” identity. Photograph is by versluis © 2010.

The following copy describes the Association and it’s poster promoting a fund-raising event. The copy is from the Paris “Tout P’tits” website (Google translated, modifications are mine):

Paris Tout P’tits (Paris Tots) is an association to distribute food aid and hygiene for babies from disadvantaged families.
Paris Tots is a nonprofit association, founded in 1992 by two people: Monique-Helene Le Menestrel and Sylvain Gilbert, and intended to provide material support to poor families with children in infancy. The aid, which is offered as a package of formula, baby food, and diapers, corresponds to basic needs and personal care for a child.

The association relies on a team comprised solely of volunteers. It offers two reception areas for families and relies on public and private funding for its operation. All of its resources is devoted to the purchase of products for babies.

March 2010 auction at Christie’s of “Bubbles in Paris Tots”

Paris Tots commissioned a hundred cartoonists to draw their pieces on an art board. The theme of the designs were left to the choice of the artist’s imagination and humor.

The drawings and printed catalogs have been exhibited at Christie’s auction house in a sale orchestrated by François Curiel held on Wednesday, March 24.

The sale, which took place in a friendly atmosphere of connoisseurs, friends and supporters of Paris Tots, raised a substantial sum.

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