Thursday, January 20, 2011

Graphic identity for contemporary chic décor: Pavillon des Arts et du Design Paris 2010

These images show the graphic identity, poster, entrance signage, and interior spaces for the 2010 annual Pavillon des Arts & du Design Paris Showcase. Clicking on an image takes you to the source, but with one exception being the photograph in the upper right, which is by versluis and was taken from inside a Paris Metro Bus. The picture was taken last March 2010 as the vehicle was traveling on the rue de Rivoli and passing by the Jardin des Tuileries in Paris.

For some context, Kacee Taylor writes about the annual fair in the blog, Le Best of Paris:

This art and design exposition presents new pieces engineered by the biggest names in painting, sculpture, photography, drawing, tapestries, jewelry, antiques, and furniture to at least a crowd of 45,000 visitors. Internationally recognized, this 5-day event houses over 80 vendors sharing their unique visions, eclectic styles, and chic décor from all over the world. (1)
In addition, RetroStart in their blog states:
Pavillon des Arts et du Design is internationally renowned for showcasing the best works of historical, modern and contemporary decorative arts and design from the 1860 to today. Created in 1997, the event brings together an eclectic mix of the traditional with the contemporary and the great names with talents of tomorrow.

… some examples: Philippe Rapin, Pegaso, la Galerie Parisienne, Modernity, Galerie de Casson, Yves Gastou, Dansk Møbelkunst. (2)
The graphic identity of black, white, and red colors strongly suggests a throwback to Modern with the consistency and style of international graphic design of an earlier era. In interesting contrast to mid-twentieth century modern typography (Helvetica) is the symbol of the “orb” as “global figure,” which seems postmodern.
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