Monday, January 3, 2011

Contemporary French poster design: La Francophonie

An example of a Parisian street digital “Rolodex” broadside station.
Photograph taken on Mar 20, 2010 by versluis © 2010.

Poster objective and context was to generate public awareness for the International Day of Francophones. Francophonie is a name that refers to the community of people and countries using the French language and cultural heritage.

The year 2010 marked 40 years of OIF existence. OIF is an acronym that stands for the International Organization of the Francophonie. In a unique event, the 40th anniversary of the OIF was celebrated in Paris on March 19 and 20, and at places throughout the world.

The poster suggests that the OIF is interested in global borders, boundaries, points of merger between languages, communities, and political and social networks. In addition, the poster designer uses “emblematic colors” as a means of symbolizing diverse cultural identities expressed through literature, drama, speech, art and music.

The OIF celebrated and dedicated its 40th anniversary as a sign of solidarity with Haiti.

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